Cell Phone Repair Options in Charlotte, NC

Anyone that has broken their phone, or known a friend with a cracked iPhone screen knows the need to get it fixed is absolutely immediate. What many people do not realize though is that getting this done officially through Apple takes – at best – 48 hours and you essentially get a refrubished iPhone which still may have other problems in the future. The alternatives that are popular for Montreal residents that want it done faster are either third party cell phone repair shops or DIY solutions. We’d highly recommend you avoid trying to fix your own phone unless you are experienced with small electronics and confident in your abilities, you should avoid this route.

What Can & Can’t be Fixed w/ Your iPhone

Common issues you’ll run into and need repaired are various, but by far the most popular is a cracked screen. Luckily for those of us that are clumsy, fixing a smashed or even aesthetically damaged front display takes at most 2 hours and is pretty straight forward. Same day iPhone screen replacement in Charlotte is definitely an in-demand service  If you run into any of these other issues though, they can also be fixed and you should seek out a Charlotte iPhone repair service ASAP if you want your phone fixed in a timely manner.

Poor Battery Life: Over time your iPhone battery life will degrade severely, usually due to charging and draining each day. While Apple has made improvements to the overall battery duration, the more we use resource intensive apps, the faster they fail. The good thing is that replacing a battery takes 15-20 minutes and is incredibly cost effective.

Home / Power Button Replacements: You’ve been pounding on that home and power button for over a year and now it’s given out on you. Apple wants $500 for a new phone, and you skipped out on the insurance offered by your local Charlotte cellular carrier. The good news is this is a super inexpensive part to get your hands on, and this has translated into an effortless and cheap repair to get done. No need to totally give in when your iPhone starts experiencing hardware issues.

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Fastest iPhone Repair in Baltimore

If you don’t have any insurance for your broken iPhone through your carrier, fixing a cracked screen, water damage or even just a bad audio issue can seem like a big problem. Apple Care warranties are limited to two replacement devices and if you have an older 4S or 5S phone it may not even have been available when you purchased your hardware. In either case, a local Baltimore cell phone repair shop is likely your most affordable and efficient option. Apple doesn’t condone third party repair services as they would obviously rather you buy a newer, much expensive iPhone, but the options are certainly there.

Fixing Broken Screens – Cost & Turnaround Time

Easily the issue most people have is a cracked, smashed or otherwise non-functioning LCD screen. Whether it’s for a six year old iPhone 4S or the new 6 series, third party OEM quality parts are certainly available on the local market and your screen CAN be fixed today. The process does require a steady hand and should be done by a professional technician with extensive experience. Breaking the logic board or other components can absolutely ruin your phone and essentially become cost-ineffective to repair. You might pay a bit more upfront, but the peace of mind you get from a Baltimore iPhone repair pro is well worth it in our opinion.

Trust The Best Cell Phone Repair Options in Baltimore

As previously mentioned on our blog, there are tons of component vendors online for everything from LCD screen replacements to audio parts, so this means almost anyone can claim they can fix your iPhone. The onus is on you as the consumer to only patronize established Baltimore companies that have a decent warranty and can stand behind their work. Any third party repair services that go wrong are completely your fault, so definitely verify they have at least a 60 day labor and service warranty before letting them take apart your broken iPhone.…

Ottawa iPhone Repair Pros

For many Ottawa residents who might find themselves with a broken iPhone or iPad, the only solution they might think there is, is to go to the nearest Apple Retail location and trade your phone in for a newer model and be saddled with the responsibility of transferring over all your data. This is far from an ideal situation and third party PC and cell phone repair shops have jumped in to fill the void and offer a more convenient and affordable solution. Many would agree that needing to upgrade your entire phone due to cosmetic issues such as a cracked frame or bad battery life is not ideal, and local Ottawa iPhone repair specialists can help you solve these problems more efficiently.

Local vs Official iPhone Repair in Ottawa

While Apple wouldn’t admit it, fixing a cracked iPhone screen, weak battery life and even a totally unresponsive device is quite doable and a totally new device isn’t warranted. OEM quality replacement components have been available for years now, going back to the release of the iPhone 4/4S. The good news is that the average price for fixing an iPhone 5/5S/5C is now just above $100 throughout Ottawa and the process takes no more than 1 hour in most local shops. The flip side of this is that there certainly is the need for the end user to do sufficient research to sort the bad service providers from those that they should trust. Any lower priced cell phone repair shops in Ottawa are likely using cheaper parts and this is a problem. The glass overlay tends to break easier in these types of iPhone screens and this can be a surprise for those that aren’t familiar with the repair process.

You definitely want to do the work, and perhaps pay $10-15 extra and get a better quality screen that won’t break from even a moderate fall.


Fast Fixes For Broken iPhone Screens

The second you break your iPhone screen your probably thinking about what the cost and turnaround time is. We all need our phones everyday, whether it’s for a social media addiction, games or just getting around and so the need for a quick and affordable solution has been around since the initial iPhone release in 2007. Virginia Beach residents have two general options for fixing a cracked iPhone 5 screen and it’s to either go through Apple for an ‘official’ solution or shop around for third party repair solutions.

For newer devices such as the iPhone 6 or 6+, a totally new refurbished phone is what Apple will give you ine exchange for your broken one, and this costs just under $200 as of March 2016. The only downside to this is that it only applies if you purchased the extended Apple Care warranty (which usually costs ~$99) and it isn’t instant – a new phone will have to be shipped within 24 hours and restoring all those Candy Crush high scores and contacts is 100% your responsibility (can be done through iTunes relatively easily).

The alternative, which many people with older iPhone models go through in the Virginia Beach area is to find a local cell phone repair shop and get them to install a new front display LCD screen. As the demand has exploded in recent years, aftermarket parts have become more accessible, higher quality and easier to install for the average PC repair shop owner in the area. You can find tutorials on our blog regarding how to do this yourself, but given the fact you can get an iPhone 5 screen fixed for less than $100, we’d recommend leaving it to the experienced technicians. If you have the older iPhone 4 as well, this might be your only option and when compared to the cost of a new contract and handset through Verizon or T-Mobile, you’re definitely going to want to save a few bucks where ever you can.


iPhone 5 Battery Life Solutions

If your still holding onto an older iPhone 4 or 5 and the screen has survive your many adventures, you are likely frustrated with the battery life duration. If half way through the day your battery is already in the red, a new iPhone might be on the horizon, but there are actually local options which can help resolve this issue for you in a much more cost effective manner. What you might not be aware of is that replacing the OEM battery that initially came with your iPhone whether it was through your carrier or the Montreal or Laval Apple Store is very possible. Apple has done a lot of work convincing people that their device cannot be fixed by anyone but themselves, but this is not the case from our experience. As more and more people want to extend the overall duration of their older iPhone devices.

Montreal iPhone Battery Replacement

The lithium-ion battery that comes factory installed has seen improvements over the years as the iPhone 5 and 6 have been released but the inherent longevity loss is not going to change. The more you charge and re-charge your phone, the more you are reducing the overall lifespan. The more you use your phone and the more apps you run concurrently the more you can expect to see that red bar sooner in the day. A local cell phone repair shop that has a sufficient stock of OEM quality iPhone replacement parts can actually get this repair done pretty fast – we brought our devices to Montreal iPhone Repair and got a new battery put in within 20 minutes. When compared to $500+ (perhaps even more when you factor in administration fees) for a new device this is an excellent value.

Of course there are other ways to reduce your overall battery use – make sure your brightness isn’t maxed out, unnecessary apps aren’t running in the background and Bluetooth and Wifi aren’t enabled when they don’t need to be. However the main takeaway is that if it comes down to it, an outright hardware replacement is both affordable and cost effective especially if you are in the Montreal area.…

Easy iPhone 5 Issues To Fix

Looking down at a cracked or broken iPhone display can really suck – but there are several options in the Greater Kingston Area which can get you back up and running as quick as possible. Most people are incredibly reliant on their iPhone, so being without a functioning cell phone for even a few hours or half a day can be really problematic. Imagine not having access to your emails, texts, music and other data and it soon becomes clear there needs to be an expedited repair option for busy Atlanta residents. Apple isn’t very fast about fixing broken screens and they are well known for not addressing the several other issues that can plague older devices like the iPhone 4 or 5. For example, if you suffer from insufficient battery life or are having problems charging your phone good luck getting any help from an official Apple Retail outlet.

This is where high quality PC repair shops in Kingston ON have stepped in to start providing third party cell phone repair services. Smaller issues which normally would be a death sentence for other iPhone users can now be resolved pretty easily by a variety of shops.

iPhone 4 Charging Issues

If your constantly fiddling with the bottom charging area of your older iPhone 4 device, or you can’t get it to recognize the cable when it’s plugged in, this is probably a charging issue and can be resolved pretty easily. Over time the pins in the older iPhone 4S can become worn down, bent or damaged and simply need to be replaced. This repair will run you around $50-75 and can be done within a few hours.

Cracked iPhone Screen Replacement

Easily the most common issue people have with their devices and luckily very easy to solve – the entire front display has to be replaced and this can be done by a professional and experienced Kingston iPhone repair technician. There are tons of small screws and delicate components so it’s best to find a shop that you can trust to get the job done right and not try to save a few bucks and jeopardize the integrity of your iPhone.

Easy iPhone Repair Solutions

A growing industry in College Station almost everyone can benefit from and appreciate is the third party iPhone and iPad repair market. Apple is notorious for making even the minutest upgrades or fixes a pain for the average customer. While Android users can effortlessly swap out batteries at a moment notice, doing so for an iPhone is almost impossible unless you have a special screw driver and some experience.  As older model iPhone devices undergo more wear and tear it is only natural that options to extend their natural lifespan and usefulness become more affordable, convenient and available. Some of the most common issues users have, including loss of home button functionality, cracked LCD screens, and even water damage can be fixed by simply replacing basic components. Of course, it isn’t as straight forward as we’d like it to be, and that’s why professional iPhone screen repair in College Station, TX is becoming a more and more essential service.

College Station Cracked iPhone Repair Services

Anyone with sufficient experience and the knowledge to track down the right high quality replacement components should be able to replace broken screens, dead batteries and generally diagnose an unresponsive iPhone. In most cases the battery, charging port and screen are the first parts to go. Most people have experienced the pain of dropping their iPhone on concrete and cracking the front glass, that is quite common but constantly having to charge your iPhone is also a pain in the ass and can be solved with a new lithium-ion battery. If you are having trouble getting your device to recognize the charging cable this is very common and can be solved with a quick replacement of the original charging port. For iPhone 4/4S devices specifically, if any of the pins get bent out of shape, it can obstruct the charging mechanism and cause frustration. Your local College Station cell phone repair professional will likely have the correct components in stock and be able to fix this usually the same day.

iPhone Water Damage Solutions

Most basic repairs are pretty straight forward, especially when it comes to home or power buttons and broken screens, but even a tiny bit of moisture can result in a dead or totally unresponsive device. There are steps you can take to mitigate the damage though, and the first thing is to not turn it on and off repeatedly. This is probably the number one reason for phones becoming even worse and can short circuit the internal components. Bring it into a professional iPhone repair shop, and they can usually clean up the inside of the phone and replace anything that’s been permanently damaged.…

Avoid Problems With iPhone Screen Repair In Atlanta, GA

If you use your iPhone daily enough, it is highly likely you’ll eventually run into hardware or software issues. One of the most common is a cracked or smashed iPhone screen, however as the popular iPhone 5/5S devices get older more and more Atlanta consumers are running into battery issues. Therefore, you may be becoming frustrated with your battery life not having the endurance it once did or even having problems charging their device reliably. For smaller problems like this Apple has proven to be unhelpful at best from their retail locations around Atlanta, but this has opened up the market for third party OEM iPhone repair. While Apple has not made their official parts supplier public, they do use a simple LCD digitizer and lithium-ion battery which many factories have been able to reproduce perfectly. These replacement components have made their way to large American markets which has made fixing that broken iPhone screen much easier than upgrading to an entirely new model of iPhone.

Local Atlanta Options to Fix Your iPhone

Local repair shops have really made the process as convenient as possible for the casual user as well as those who have a heavy dependency on their phone for business purposes. Most proficient cell phone repair businesses can replace the average cracked LCD iPhone screen for under $100 and often while you wait. No matter how severe the damage to the front display is, the job will require the replacement of the entire front display including the home button assembly which is attached to it. Even if you have an unresponsive touch function, but no physical damage your iPhone front screen will have to be replaced. Apple has designed their screens from day one in such a way that the front glass overlay is molded to the actual LCD. This means that any attempt to replace just one will be futile. Luckily demand is constantly growing for the highest quality iPhone screen replacement service in Atlanta, GA and this is really benefiting the astute consumer.

When looking for an established business to trust with your device remember you are in fact voiding the original Apple warranty by installing third party components (even if they are exact replicas) so you’ll want some after sales support especially if anything goes wrong. Other than convenience the first thing you want to look for in a proper repair shop would be an extensive and comprehensive warranty.

Fixing A Cracked iPhone Screen – The Same Day

Almost everyone knows someone with the well recognizable spider web crack on the front screen of their iPhone 5. Often people won’t even bother getting these fixed due to a perceived high cost of repair or it simply hasn’t annoyed them enough. Eventually though, once enough shards of glass get into their fingers. Unlike the early days of the iPhone, getting one repaired is much easier in 2015, especially if your in or around downtown Winnipeg.

We all know the iPhone is manufactured in China, and while the price doesn’t really reflect this it does make it easier for third party cell phone repair shops in Winnipeg to get relatively inexpensive replacement components – often from the same factories the original iPhone is produced in. The well known Gorilla Glass on the iPhone 5S/5C is not something unique, it can and has been replicated by many other Chinese manufacturers who will sell to anyone. This makes cracked iPhone glass repair much easier and affordable for your typical iPhone user who is just clumsy – or perhaps has clumsy friends. Apple themselves will often not repair individual component problems such as a broken screen, unresponsive display or home buttons. Most people will simply sell their phone for parts and feel like their only choice is to invest $500+ on the next highest model of phone but this is becoming less the case since iPhone repair prices have dropped.

Simple issues like a cracked glass display can be fixed for less than $100 and usually same day so the service has definitely become more convenient and customer focused. Second in popularity to broken iPhone screen repair would definitely be replacement of the stock battery.


iphone screen repair winnipeg2

While it definitely isn’t super easy, there are tons of tutorials on YouTube and popular DIY tech repair websites that can walk you through the process. As with the screen repair though, repair businesses are making it fast and convenient for them to get these issues fixed for you and extend the lifespan of your device. For older iPhone 4S devices that don’t have any serious issues like water damage replacing the screen or changing the battery can be all it takes to make your phone look and work like new.


Our final point needs to be emphasized in most cases. Not all iPhone repair options in Winnipeg are made equal. With a mass availability of parts it often means lots of random’s can start offering repair services at rock bottom prices with inexperienced technicians. While iPhone screen replacements aren’t hard to do, you do need a certain level of comfort and experience to be taking apart other peoples phones. Always find some positive online reviews and a standard warranty you’re comfortable with before handing over your phone so you can have some peace of mind and avoid problems in the future.…